Allen Fagan

I started shooting photography in 1969 with the help of Time Life books and processing film in the bathtub. One year later I worked for Lloyd Koenig Photographers in Houston,Texas with hands on color processing of Industrial, Legal, and Aerial photo work using 4x5 sheet film and 2 1/4 medium format Hasselblad cameras.
I now shoot with all Canon equipment and have for years now - it's the next best thing to the Hasselblad (in my opinion). We shoot full frame, Hd Video, Green screen with printing on site if needed.

I currently have my studio in downtown Dallas in the historic Southside on Lamar building. Originally the Sears Catalog Warehouse built in 1912, Southside is cool and fun with lots of interesting places to shoot both indoors and on the 10th floor roof top. In 70s; 80s oh ya and the 90s "I do it in the dark" was my trade mark.
Now with digital. " we do it with pixel dust" All work is hand made in America.

We are proud to donate 3% of all sales to charities that support veterans and their loved ones, and try to use only American suppliers.